Corporate Finance

As an investor – whether you are an existing shareholder, a new shareholder, or a creditor – you want to keep funds in the company or refinance. The situation is complex or even extremely complicated and you want to consider every detail while maintaining the overview at the same time. Often, there are significant time constraints, the circumstances are frequently confusing. Various individuals and stakeholders advocate their personal interests and legal requirements.


Together we will identify the general framework with you. We research and structure the numbers, figures, and facts in close cooperation with you: Markets, finances, and positions of the most important parties involved. By proposing clear-cut decision templates and professionally guiding negotiations, we manage the process for you, develop ideal solutions with you, and ensure that every stakeholder agrees to all important decisions.


We are experienced in finding solutions for our clients even if the circumstances are initially challenging due to high demands: If a successful small business sets an ambitious sales price, we identify the ideal buyer on an international level and ensure a smooth transaction. Other demanding situations may include the complex management of expectations in family businesses regarding a succession plan, a loss of trust on the part of the financing credit institute, or various challenges concerning the relationship between the stakeholders. In addition to this, matters of compliance and other difficulties may arise such as negative cash flow or inconclusive company data.


New clients such as shareholders, holding company executives, family businesses/private equity companies, credit institutes, etc. often approach us based on recommendations from former clients.


  • Successful completion of numerous financing operations ranging from EUR 100 thousand to EUR 50 million
  • Completed sales of approximately 25 businesses with revenues between EUR 1-50 million in Germany, Europe, and the USA
  • Consultancy in more than 50 buy-side deals including market/commercial due diligence, financial due diligence, numerous IDW S-6 assessments as well as conducted negotiations for companies with revenues between EUR 1 million to EUR 1 billion
  • Leading position in restructuring teams in more than 80 urgent company crises with a rate of success of nearly 100% for companies outside the newly-formed German states